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Frankincense Essential Oil BIO (Boswellia Carterii) - FLE155

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The Frankincense essential oil ( Boswellia carterii ) is 100% organic and 100% natural. It is obtained by steam distillation of the resin. This wild harvested plant come from Somalia.

This organic essential oil is a HEBBD oil (Botanically and Biochemically Defined Essential Oil). This product is classified as a natural aroma (edible).

Stimulating and elevating to the mind with its sweet, warm and balsamic aroma, Frankincense is renowned as a fragrance used in elevating spiritual connection and helping focus the mind with its ability to help slow down and deepen breathing. Ideal for overcoming stress for people who cannot 'switch off'.

Contraindications: None known.

Major biochemical compounds: α- & β-Pinene, limonene, sabinene, myrcene

Perfumery Note Base
Aroma Resinous, woody, note of citrus and green
Color Yellow to pale yellow
Allergens D-Limonene, linalol, neral, geraniol
Therapeutic Benefit Immune-enhancing, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, meditation aid
Country of origin Somalia
Cultivation mode Wild
Organic Concentration 100%
Density to 20°C (g/cm³ ) 0.8776
Volume (g/ml) 5 g/5.81 ml, 15 g/17.44 ml
Preservative without
Extraction process Steam distillation
Part of the plant Resin
100% Natural
No animal testing
Food Grade

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