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Perfume extracts developed in Grasse (France). 

Developed in Grasse, the perfume capital of the world, these extracts are perfect for diffusers, sold in 15 ml glass vials with screw cap.

Ideal for perfuming indoor air, the perfume extract can be used in different ways:

  • In a diffuser (ultrasonic diffuser, soft heat diffuser, diffuser by capillary action, fragrance burner with candle...). Mix a few drops of perfume with water to instantly enjoy the scent.
  • In the water of an indoors fountain : the perpetual flow of the water releases the particles perfuming the air.
  • In the car, using a diffuser with a cigarette lighter socket.
  • Or even to rekindle a pot-pourri, deodorize the closet or some textiles...
  • Be creative! Mix the fragrance extracts of your choice and create your own fragrance for you environment!

Efficient and cost-effective, the perfume extract is so concentrated, just a few drops will perfume a room for many hours!

The scent, Nag Champa is inspired by the fragrance of the traditional indian base of sandalwood and flowers of champaka. With its woody, floral and spicy notes, this fragrance is a true wonder of fragrance creating an atmosphere conducive to well-being and relaxation.

Precautions of use : substance is non-food grade, keep out of the reach of children, do not drink, avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes, do not apply to polished, varnished or plastic-coated surfaces. Do not discharge into the environment or in wastewater.

We offer a selection of the most popular scents.

Technical Characteristics

Scent : "Nag Champa".

Diameter: 2.5 cm. 
Height: 7 cm. 
Weight: 0.15 kg. 
Content: a 15 ml vial.

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