DAN Essential Oil Diffuser

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DAN Essential Oil Diffuser

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The ZEN'ARÔME® diffuser BAO is the perfect combination of aesthetics and efficiency. Recognized for its aromatic effects, purifying and purifying on the ambient air, it is also appreciated for its beautiful artisanal glassware highlighted by a fine porcelain base illuminated by blue LED lighting. This "high-end" diffuser is based on the principle of cold fogging which allows essential oils to be diffused while preserving all their therapeutic virtues. In addition to its high diffusion efficiency, the other advantage of this process is to release negative ions that regenerate and purify the air by fighting against microbial attack and external pollution.

Its flow control knob allows for diffusion according to the size of your room (ranging from 10 to 100 m²).

With this diffuser, you can benefit from essential oils that offer a wide range of virtues acting directly on the body or mind (relaxation, relaxation, tone, clearing the airways ...).

Simple to use, very elegant and known for its effectiveness, this diffuser will find its place in your home or at your workplace. You will be able to live daily in a healthy and pleasant environment thanks to aromatherapy.

Characteristics :

• Traditional glassware (reinforced blown glass, fine glassware).
• Comfort model (apartment, office, business, waiting room ...).
• Fine porcelain base with non-slip base.
• Standard nebulizer: blown glass.
• Method of diffusion by cold nebulization.
• Power: adjustable according to the volume of the room.
• Blue LED lighting.
• Splashproof glass cap, dust protection, soft diffusion.
• Input voltage transformer 230V / 12V ~ 50Hz.
• Automatic timer: alternating between broadcast time (2 min) and pause time (1 min)
then automatic shutdown after two hours of broadcast.

Manual :

1. Carefully insert the foot of the glassware into the rubber ring located at the center of the ceramic base.
2. Then pour a few drops of pure essential oil into the glassware without ever completely immersing the nebulizer inside (glass vertical nozzle located in the central axis at the bottom of the glassware) which would cause the immediate malfunction of your device.
3. Install the splashproof glass cap (optional).
4. Connect the device using the transformer.
5. Switch on by turning the dimmer knob to the right. Then turn the knob to get the flow as you like.
6. To turn off your diffuser, turn the dimmer knob to the left until it locks completely (click).

Breathe with a delicately purified and perfumed air, benefiting from the beneficial and revitalizing virtues of the oils diffused cold.

Warning and maintenance of the Diffuser:

Do not insert any object inside such as a brush for example which could damage the nebulizer (glass nozzle inside the glassware).
The reinforced glassware is fine and delicate and must be handled with care.
If the diffuser does not suit you, please shut down the unit and refer to the operating instructions of the unit. Also learn about the virtues of the essential oils used.
Take care never to immerse the nebuliser completely, which would cause the immediate malfunction of the electric pump (10 to 20 drops are enough).
Do not let essential oil stagnate at the bottom of the device and dry in the nebulizer in which case deep cleaning of the glassware will be necessary to remove the particles interfering with the diffusion.
The rubber ring must never come into contact with water or essential oils. If water or essential oils enter the base through the rubber ring, this may cause the unit to malfunction.
If you want to change the oil in progress, please spread it until it is completely evaporated or transfer it and replace it with another one. However, you can first rinse the glassware to avoid unwanted mixing.

Deep cleaning:

Empty the remaining essential oil.

Method 1: Pour a few drops of 90 ° alcohol (or diffuser cleaning liquid) into the glassware to clean the injectors. Work the diffuser for a few moments to evaporate the suspended droplets.
Method 2: Remove the glassware from its base. Pour in a drop of dishwashing liquid and fill in 3/4 with warm water, mix gently, let stand a few minutes and then rinse thoroughly. Wipe with a soft cloth and spray dry to evaporate the remaining droplets. Repeat cleaning method 1 if necessary.
Method 3: Remove the glassware from its base. Soak the glassware alone in cold, warm water and bring to a boil for a few minutes. Let cool and empty (be careful of burns). Wipe with a soft cloth and spray dry to evaporate the remaining droplets. Repeat cleaning method 1 if necessary.


The warranty is valid for 1 year and covers the manufacturing defect of the electric pump of the diffuser (glassware not included). To benefit from the guarantee, the present voucher must bear the date of purchase and the seal of the seller. The warranty does not cover damage resulting from misuse, dropping or dismounting by an unauthorized person. A standard repair or exchange made during the warranty does not affect the expiration date of this warranty.

Technical Specifications

Power supply : 230V/12V~50Hz.
Length: 13.5 cm. 
Height: 20 cm. 
Weight: 400 g. 
Diffusion Area: 10 - 100 m². 
Material: FSC wood and glass. 
Manual: English and French. 
Content: 1 base with integrated pump, blown-glass chamber, a dust cap, a transformer.

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