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01. Green Montmorillonite Clay Soap

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An authentic beauty treatment for oily skin, it exfoliates and matifies the skin, and has a deep-down cleansing action in pores. Montmorillonite clay with its extraordinarily rich physico-chemical properties is one of the best detoxifiers and purifiers.

Clay Soaps

These soaps with their creamy foam, clean and absorb impurities gently.They exfoliate, soften and tone the skin with the addition of each clay. Enriched with vegetable oils, cocoa butter and glycerin, these soaps gently moisturize the upper layers of the epidermis. Our soaps contain no synthetic fragrance or animal fat, only essential oils selected according to the type of targeted skin. Our soaps are made according to the old method of Marseillaise, using the hot saponification, with priority in the important phase of salting and cleaning soap paste with salt water to remove impurities and caustic residues.

The Green Montmorillonite Clay Soap contains :

Grape Seed Oil: Nourishing Anti-Oxidant

Apricot kernel oil: Good looks and Rejuvenating Effect

Lemongrass Essential Oil: Soothing and Relaxing

Cocoa butter: Nourishing and Protective

Glycerin: humectant and moisturizer

What you should never do with clay

1. Heat the clay on a heat source (gas or conventional or microwave oven)

2. Employ iron materials, which remain in contact with the clay as this can result in oxidization (ion exchange).

3. Use plastic utensils

4. Use tap water (it is saturated with chlorine and often contains nitrates)

5. Add essential oils or pharmaceutical ingredients without knowing the side effects

6. Let clay go dry, as water is the vehicle for the provision of its basic elements, such as trace elements

7. Apply a poultice on an area previously treated with a heating or anti-inflammatory cream.

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