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Golden Rod Essential Oil BIO (Solidago Canadensis) - FLE152

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The Golden Rod essential oil ( Solidago canadensis ) is 100% organic and 100% natural. It is obtained by steam distillation of the flowering tops. This plant is cultivated in Canada.

This organic essential oil is a HEBBD oil (Botanically and Biochemically Defined Essential Oil). This product is classified as a natural aroma (edible).

Golden Rod has traditionally been used to support the circulatory system, urinary tract, and liver function and may also improve libido. It is an aquaretic agent (promotes the loss of water from the body) and is used to treat urinary tract inflammation and to prevent the development of kidney stones. It has a very distinctive fragrance, balsamic, fresh, citrus, peppery and spicy, rather strong but not unpleasant and is highly prized for its anti-allergy properties, for conditions like hay fever, allergic reactions, coughs, and respiratory system infections, as well as healing wounds, insect bites and inflammation.

Perfumery Note: Middle

Contraindications: Non toxic, possible irritant, possible sensitisation in some individuals. Do not use if pregnant, do not use if low blood pressure.

Major biochemical compounds: Germacrene-D, α-pinene, limonene, myrcene

Perfumery Note Middle
Aroma Balsamic, fresh, slightly bitter, strong, woody
Color Colorless to yellow
Allergens D-Limonene, linalol
Therapeutic Benefit Supports the circulatory system, urinary tract and liver function.
Country of origin Canada
Cultivation mode Cultivated
Organic Concentration 100%
Density to 20°C (g/cm³ ) 0.875
Volume (g/ml) 5 g/5.73 ml, 15 g/17.20 ml
Preservative without
Extraction process Steam distillation
Part of the plant Flowering plant
100% Natural
No animal testing

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