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Mimosa Absolute (Acacia Dealbata) - FLJ133

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The Mimosa absolute ( Acacia dealbata ) is 100% natural. It is obtained by solvent extraction of the flower. This wild harvested plant come from France.

The mimosa absolute is blended with a jojoba carrier oil to make it more liquid.

There is 2 grams of mimosa absolute and 2 grams of jojoba vegetable oil in the 2 g bottle.

There is 5 grams of mimosa absolute and 5 grams of jojoba vegetable oil in the 5 g bottle.

Mimosa has a beautiful sweet, floral scent with woody undertones and is often used as a base note in perfumes. It also has calming and warming properties and may be helpful in relieving the stresses of everyday life. In cosmetics it is used as an aid to nourish and soften the skin, improving its appearance. Extremely suitable to soothe inflamed or sensitive areas of the skin.

Contraindications: No information available.

Major biochemical compounds: Nonadecane, heptadecene, methyl linalonate, heptadecane, benzyl benzoate

Perfumery Note Middle - Base
Aroma Sweet, herbaceous, powdery honey-like
Color Hard resinous solid, yellow to amber
Allergens None
Therapeutic Benefit Anxiety, stress
Country of origin France
Cultivation mode Wild
Volume (g/ml) The mimosa absolute is a resinous solid mixed with organic jojoba vegetable oil 1:1 ratio
Preservative without
Extraction process Solvent extraction
Part of the plant Flower
100% Natural
No animal testing
Food Grade

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