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  • Nebulising Diffusers

    This cold diffusion method retains all the beneficial properties of the essential oils. Air is blown in to turn the oil into a light mist that spreads into the atmosphere.

  • Ultrasonic Diffusers

    This cold diffusion method uses ultrasound technology to turn the mixture of water and essential oils into a light mist. This type of diffusion is incredibly quiet and can be used to humidify the ambient air that is too often dried by air-conditioning systems.

  • Fogger Diffuser

    Fogger/misting diffusers are a product appreciated by consumers for its decor and zen. It converts water and essential oils into a scented mist. With color changing LED lighting, it is perfect for creating environments conducive to relaxation.

  • Fan Diffusers

    Fan diffusers offer a quick and effective way of diffusing essential oils. The air flow propels microscopic essential oil particles into the air while retaining all the properties of the oil, since no heating is involved.

  • Gentle Heat Diffusers

    Easy to use and inexpensive, this type of diffuser uses gentle heat for maximum essential oil diffusion, while losing none of the beneficial properties of the oils. Diffusers using this technology are both discrete and effective.

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